Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Welcome to Everything Depression, my blog dedicated to the journey of depression.

I've suffered from chronic pain and depression my entire life. The chronic pain evolved into intractable pain about five years ago, around the time my only daughter was born. I'm now 24 and have survived multiple suicide attempts. I have an inoperable, terminal brainstem tumor (DIPA/DIPG- Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Astrocytoma/Glioma). My wife also suffers from intractable pain, but hers is from EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome). We have a joint blog about EDS in addition to my other blogs, including IPkills.

I hope to share my journey and encourage everyone to do that same because despite widespread education from drug companies, many people simply don't understand depression. I also hope to help those contemplating suicide by letting them know that even though you feel hopeless, there still is hope, it's just well hidden.